Early career, gender and diversity

Learning Objectives

  • Know about the existence of the ECGD office, where ECGD means Early Career, Gender and Diversity.

  • Meet the ECGD representatives

  • Learn how/when the ECGD office can be useful for you.

The aim of the ECGD is to help LHCb achieve a working environment in which all LHCb members can thrive. This includes especially those experiencing discrimination on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, creed, cultural background or other factors. The ECGD also helps early-career physicists who wish to, eventually, escape the precarious life of repeated short-term contracts and reach a permanent position. You can find more information and a lot of documentation in the ECGD web page.

The ECGD office

It’s made up of two people. You’ll meet one of them during the Starterkit. In general, the ECGD “officers” will be happy to receive your emails, phone calls or meet in person.