The Bender tutorials Build Status

These are tutorials for Bender application: "User-friendly python analysis environment for LHCb".

It is the first attempt to convert existing TWiki-based tutorials on Bender and BenderScript to GitHub platform, inspired by the great success of LHCb StarterKit lessons.

Bender is LHCb Python-based Physics Analysis Environment. It combines the physics content of DaVinci-project with the interactive python abilities provided by GaudiPython. It also could be considered as "Interactive LoKi". The major functionality comes from ROOT/Reflex dictionaries for the basic C++ classes and the interfaces. These dictionaries are used primary for POOL persistency and effectively reused for interactivity. The main purpose of top-level scripts is the coherent orchestration of the Reflex dictionaries and the proper decoration of the available interfaces.

Bender dependencies are sketched here: dependencies

Doxygen documentation for Bender is accessible here.

It is assumed that users are already has some knowledge of LHCb software, in particular DaVinci and are familiar with [LHCb Starterkit][starterkit].

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