CALO: Calorimeters

The entire calorimetry system at LHCb (SPD/PS, ECAL, HCAL is often collectively referred to as CALO. Its purpose is to discriminate between electrons, photons and hadrons as well as provide measurements of their energy and position. In Runs 1 and 2, the CALO played an important role providing transverse energy measurements to the L0 trigger.


High-level physics analysis software repository, similar to Urania, but based on DaVinci. This project hosts, among others, important packages used for the centralised production of PID and track calibration datasets (PIDCalibProduction, TrackCalibProduction). Any other packages which are based on DaVinci and need to be centrally distributed could be included in the project. Refer to the repository for a list of available packages.

CB: Collaboration Board

The ultimate authority within LHCb representing all institutes within the collaboration.

CC7: CentOS CERN 7

"Default" Linux operating system at CERN (CentOS7 default operating system on lxplus since start of 2019).

CE: Computing Element

A service at a grid site that runs jobs. For example LCG.CERN.cern, LCG.RAL.uk.

CVMFS: CERN Virtual Machine File System

CVMFS is a network file system based on HTTP and optimised to deliver experiment software in a fast, scalable, and reliable way through sophisticated caching strategies.

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