The LHCb trigger emulation application. Project website .

MoU: Memorandum of Understanding

A document for the RRB stating the cost of construction of an experiment, or its major upgrade, or its maintenance and operations. The construction documents are broken down by subdetector and subsystem, and state the sum that will be paid by each of the funding agencies of the contributing countries. The document is signed by representatives of the funding agency. The costs given are those of all materials and does not include the cost of the effort in the contributing institutes. This is known as the core cost.


The average number of visible, i.e. inelastic, proton-proton collisions in an LHC bunch crossing. See NuMuPileUp.

MUON: Muon detectors

Originally five stations (M1-M5) that identify and track muons. M1 was between RICH2 and the CALO but was removed after Run 2. The rest are at the very end of the detector. With the exception of the inner-most region of M1, which used triple gas electron multipliers (GEMs), the MUON consists of multi-wire proportional chambers (MWPCs).

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