R1: Restaurant 1

Short for restaurant 1 in building 501 at CERN.

RICH: Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors

Gas-filled detectors that employ spherical mirrors to focus Cherenkov light into rings. The radius of each ring is a function of the velocity of the particle, which, when combined with momentum (from the tracking system), provides discrimination between particles of different mass. In particular, the LHCb RICH discriminates between charged pions, charged kaons and protons. LHCb has two RICH detectors: RICH1, located between the VELO and the TT; and RICH2, located after the tracking stations.

RRB: LHC experiments Resources Review Board

The CERN committee responsible for overseeing the finances of the LHC experiments, both for operational costs and for the construction of the detectors and their major upgrades. The committee is attended by representatives of all the funding agencies that support the experiments. The committee meets twice per year and LHCb reports to them in closed sessions.

RTA: Real-Time Analysis

Project for the development and maintenance of the real-time processing of LHCb's data for Run 3 and beyond. See also the RTA twiki.

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