EB: Editorial Board

Group responsible for ensuring that all LHCb publications are consistent with the standards and style of the collaboration.

ECAL: Electromagnetic Calorimeter

The purpose of the ECAL is to measure the energy of electrons/photons and prevent them from travelling further through the detector. Like the HCAL, it is a sampling calorimeter made of layers of iron and plastic scintillator.

ECGD: Early Career, Gender and Diversity

The Early Career, Gender and Diversity office has been set up to help LHCb achieve a healthy working environment with no discrimination on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, creed, cultural background, etc. See the ECGD office webpages for more information.

ECS: Experiment Control System

The Experiment Control System is in charge of the configuration, control and monitoring of all the components of the online system. This includes all devices in the areas of data acquisition, detector control (e.g. slow controls), trigger, timing, and the interaction with the outside world. Details in the Online System webpages.

EDR: Engineering Design Review

A milestone during the construction of a subdetector. The EDR is a meeting with accompanying documentation that describes the detailed design of a component system of the detector (e.g. sensors, an ASIC, high voltage system) based on drawings and prototypes that have been produced. Reviewers with relevant expertise from other subdetectors in LHCb and from other experiments are usually appointed to conduct the review and make recommendations. The next major milestone is the PRR.

EoI: Expression of Interest

Please see the entry for LoI.


High-level physics analysis software repository, similar to Urania, but based on Bender. Note that this project is now stopped, and retired from CVMFS. All non-obsolete packages have been moved to the Castelao project, which is based instead on DaVinci.


See Pseudorapidity.


Software package for simulating the decays of heavy flavour particles using a wide range of decay models. Website.

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